Ayurvedic Wellness Teas

Body Detox 

Ingredients: Licorice, Cinnamon, Burdock Root, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Fennel, Aniseed, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Parsley, Cloves, and Turmeric.

This tea blend uses herbs known for their blood cleansing properties. Burdock root and dandelion root are major components. This great tasting tea is essential for complete body detoxification.

Green Mint 

Ingredients: China Gunpowder, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

Based on the classic blend from Morocco, this gunpowder green tea, with lemongrass and peppermint, give this strong blend a softer cup.

Excellent as iced tea!

Uma Ayurvedic Wellness Tea for Women

Ingredients: Cinnamon Bark, Apple Pieces, Redbush Leaves, Ginger Pieces, Raspberry Leaves, Fennel, Chamomile, Cardamom, Lady's Mantel, Cloves, Orange Peel, St. John's Wort, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries, Silver Weed, and Natural Flavours.

This tea is blended for hormonal control, stress relief and has a very pleasing taste and aroma.

Shiva Ayurvedic Wellness Tea for Men

Ingredients: Rooibos, Apple Pieces, Ginger, Cinnamon Pieces, Bean Pods, Mistletoe, Lemongrass, Sea Holly, Cardamom, Lemon Peel, Cloves, Black Peppercorn, Ginseng, Root, and Natural Flavours.

This tea is ideal for the over-worked man as it helps to relax and unwind. Ginseng with power booster properties and a mix of Rooibois provide stress relief.

Green Gojiberry

Ingredients: Green Tea, Goji Berries, Safflowers and Natural Flavours.

This flavoured green tea blend with Goji Berries is rich in antioxidants and is a great source of Vitamin A. The Goji Berries give this tea a delicious, fruity taste.

Tulsi Energize

Ingredients: Tulsi Herb, Organic Rooibos, Organic Gunpowder, Red Pepper, Lemongrass, Ginger Bits, Orange Peel, Sunflowers, and Natural Flavour.

Tulsi is one of the holiest and most cherished of the many healing and health-giving herbs of the orient. This calming blend of organic Tulsi, organic Rooibos, organic green tea, spicy ginger, and sweet berries give you a much needed boost for the busy day.